What Housing built in Credit Insurance ?

What Housing built in Credit Insurance ?
New consumer laws in housing built in the consumer credit insurance will no longer have a say. During the loan application will be made available to entities in which the required insurance services consumers want. This regulatory change will provide an alternative and more appropriate solutions in creating opportunities for consumers in a part of a compulsory part of the optional insurance. So be built in any mortgage applications fuses What?
Home Insurance
Your house fire, flood, theft, destruction, terrorism, securing the area of ​​insurance against risks such as accidents Home Insurance is mandated by the banks until the end credits. Annually it will be charged. Bank commissioned with home insurance, your home for damage caused during the process in which the loan is paid back guarantee.
On the other hand, do not meet the conditions of home insurance are also available. This situation may vary in each insurance company. Contact your insurance company to find out which cases, if the damage is covered by insurance.
Compulsory Earthquake Insurance
According to the legally mandated price per square meter of housing in this type of insurance to the location and structure of the type specified. Determined by multiplying the price per square meter of gross square meters of residential property insurance amount is determined. Every year the cost of insurance will be updated and refreshed.
TCIP earthquake and Compulsory Earthquake Insurance and the earthquake occurring fire, explosion, landslide and tsunami will be the direct cause of property damage are welcomed as cash within the limits stated in your policy. Also note that the building is fully or partially damaged, though guaranteed. Otherwise, the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance will cover your damage.
The maximum amount that can be obtained by TCIP is TL 150 thousand for all building types. The TCIP regarding the maximum amount to the official site has a statement saying, “When determining the maximum guarantee amount, the cost of the reconstruction of destroyed dwellings (excluding land value) is taken into account. The deposit amount insured (insurance fee) -aza my not exceed the amount of collateral is determined by the size and style of the building, provided that the dwelling. ”
Life insurence
Some banks in the mandatory life insurance, loans using (pulling) from the date of a person’s life lost is a kind of insurance to meet all debt with interest. Although not required in all banks made in routing for to customers. Life insurance in the average age ranged from 70 to 75. This limit determines the maximum age limit set by the bank’s mortgage loan calculator.
Private Pension Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance
Life insurance types are offered by banks to their customers instead of insurance. Although it is recommended as an alternative to the compulsory retention.
Built into the case of these banks insurance against consumers in the housing loan interest deduction or built as housing costs the rest of your credit insurance and insurance for use outside the TCIP can make the use more discount. However, only fuse should see the money spent or wasted as discount tool. Insurance they are guaranteed your home and your credit.