Foreigner loan

Foreigner loanBSM Business Development Center, commercial and corporate financial, located next to the company that makes every moment consulting with their credit needs always be met in full and to ensure the companies’ goals in a period most suitable and acceptable for the purpose of experienced and specialized on the subject of the finance team.

BSM each team of professionals that make up the Business Development Center have based on knowledge and experience over many years. Different expertise and areas of specialization, broad and participatory and each other who have completed professional work and their knowledge, BSM Business Development Center’s expert staff advisor to his company to the appropriate internal and external corporate finance and credit solutions to finding as soon as possible in optimum conditions ensure the needs of its customers by providing cash endeavor to resolve the fastest way.

National and international banks in the debt market, financial, credit institutions, credit institutions and public institutions, while capital markets and investment banks, specialized financial credit institutions, private equity funds, government agencies and OECD countries who have close contact and institutionalized by certain large companies BSM Business Development Center in the relationship, owned through the extensive network of international project financing, commercial loans, credit operates in restructuring matters.

Foreigner loan, long-term and up to 15 to 20 years, including a grace period of 3 to 5 years may be granted as term. Overseas investment loans, project and funding available as loans. Originated loans in foreign loans projects and investments are made based on the results of the assigned facility will emerge. The credit for financing the overseas; namely through correspondent banks in Turkey with real estate mortgage of immovable property (land registry office put the record retention of title) is based on the provision of credit.

BSM Business Development Center knowledge in national and international financial markets, particularly project finance, credit and financial partnerships, including competitive and innovative Turkish company financing, elimination of credit requirements, is working on the source of funds to be provided.

BSM Business Development Center, Turkish companies with international banks, financial institutions and organizations, to create a solid bridge between national and international investors and investors serves to ensure their access to funding through the appropriate facilities.

According to the loan approval process, loan amount and size of investment with 30 days from the date of contract, resulting in 120 days. The process operates simply as follows.

First Interview: company managers and are made on the details of the meeting with companies and investment partners. As a result of these meetings, your company and the consultancy contract is signed between BSM Business Development Center. This agreement with BSM Business Development Center on behalf of your company with domestic and foreign banks and finance companies authorized to make credit negotiations on the eyes.

The Procurement Documents: trade gazette would want the banks at this stage, operating certificate, tax certificate, signatures, financial statements for the last 3 years, audit reports, tax returns, social security declarations, firm Resumes partners, capacity reports, completed and ongoing works list , machinery and equipment list, etc. Documents are available.

Preparation of Starting and Office files: At this stage, prepared a detailed report about the company and investment. In the report; Overview of the company, a detailed analysis of the financial structure of the company, analysis of the sector where the cash flow of investments and repayment capacity and other important information is included. This report documents the company files in addition to the base case are presented as required by each bank. It also made a comprehensive presentation about the company.

Offering credit facilities for foreigners and loan calculator on my make calculation easier and faster to do a calculation on the internet for you and you can see the appropriate bank loans.

Evaluation and selection of approved Foreigner loan: loans approved by banks and finance companies at this stage the most appropriate of them evaluated together with you selected.

BSM Business Development Center, which operates in Turkey and use in commercial investment, open new facilities or any reason to finance or outsourced in line with cheap credit needs of needing Company provides credit in the world’s leading banks and credit institutions. During the preparation of the necessary documents provided these loans has made it to the filling of the application forms and related institutions needed.

Ensuring the required guarantees and credit supply conditions, it is possible with the following title.

  • External project loans for business development (on the basis of the project)
  • Short-term export credits
  • Long-term working capital and finance loans
  • Country loans
  • Overseas investment in stores and brand promotion loans
  • Islamic Development Bank and foreign bank loans originated loans
  • Public housing loans
  • AVM loans
  • Borrowings
  • Real estate purchase and development loans
  • Leasing
  • Project loans (machinery & equipment purchases, purchases of ships, commercial vehicle purchases, etc.).
  • Eximbank loans
  • Letters of credit and guarantees
  • Health investment loans
  • Tourism loans (hotel-marina, etc.).