Loan Amortization Calculator

How to loan amortization calculator ?

When the production of any substance, it is also a matter of sloughing day, eroded, we need to know whether the former. Businesses that these materials be based on the company is owned facilities, machinery, buildings etc. can. Wear out the last word in the French language amortization is not a word used to talk about that thing. Loan Amortization of fixed assets over time wear and tear or obsolescence defined as shareholders. Amortization can be divided in which case any business? Here we see the amortization of detailed conditions in order to find an answer to this question:

Terms of loan amortization:

Owned enterprises should be available in a minimum any goods that are counted among the amortization will leave. So the life of any commodity can not be made in this case less than 1 year amortization separation.

The basic logic of the loan amortization of the businesses expected to use more than a period of one year, at which time wear, does not lose value with factors such as wear and tear to include the cost of potential losses in the goods that are likely or they show that corrosion costs in the expenses of that year. Three methods are available to answer the question how to calculate amortization.

Amortization Loan Calculator Methods:
  1. Diminishing balance method:
This method is used when the relevant goods or goods of higher amortization for the first year of leave, towards the year-end goods are divided about the use of less amortization. The main objective in doing so is fall of any property the first time taken over as time goes by use of more efficient use and productivity. That reason the relevant goods or goods in the first year of use, while providing better service begins to deteriorate towards the end of the year the services it provides.


– Firstly the rate of amortization. The estimated useful life of the related property to locate the amortization rate is divided by 1. So let’s assume that the goods were foreseen as 10 year amortization life in this state 1/10 = 0.1 would be found.

– Find that you have is multiplied by the ratio 2. Amortization rate than that of 0.1: 0.1 × 2 = 0.2 is located.

– Apply to the non-amortized value of the goods which have value every year. So the company have taken a fixture in this case, if the value of annual amortization 5000Tl: 5000 x 5000 x 20% = 0.2 = 1,000 TL would be found.
  1. Normal Amortization Method
Cost of sales of this method, calculated by dividing the property’s estimated economic life. So let’s assume that costed 15000tl’y any real business and the average life of 5 years was seen as preliminary. The annual amortization (OR):

– OR = 15000/5 = 3000 TL as would be found in the annual amortization.
  1. Extraordinary Amortization Method
Fire, earthquake, etc. material assets in case of natural disasters to some extent or completely lost; Due to overuse severe amortization calculation method applied to goods which are worn. This style does not have a predetermined amortization rate in case of a situation. Inspectors from the Ministry of Finance and the relevant business applications to the Ministry of Finance if there came such circumstances does the amortization calculation.

Amortization expense is due to appear as a property tax reduction for businesses amortization.