What is calculated by Credit Rating

What is calculated by Credit Rating
The primary credit loans and credit cards by banks in evaluating their application. Your credit history and where in detail the history of your relationship with the bank and to a certain extent by the return note are very important for your new application. The factors that make up your credit score, credit rating affects what extent that we have compiled for you.

Payment Habits
Your credit habits and credit card payments, credit affects 30% of your grade. As you might guess that you make regular payments upgrading your note, disrupt and reduce your credit rating. If you want to have a high credit rating of your credit, pay your credit card bills and take care to be regular.

Existing Debt Status
Your current account and debt situation affects 25% of your credit rating. If you are already paying loans or credit card debt negatively affects your credit rating this.

Seeking Credit
Seeking new credit loan affects 20% of your grade. Close loans you have taken time may increase your risk rate. In addition, you made reference to the overlap of credit negatively affect your credit rating.

Credit Usage Intensity
These factors affect the credit rating of 15%. If you frequently use your credit and pay your credit rating will increase if you perform on a regular basis and you will have a higher score compared to someone who has never used credit. It gives you information about your credit rating and credit payment habits that you use frequently is the best way to understand it and in their payment habits.
These as well as your income, your insurance period, your age, your profession is influenced by other conditions, such as 10% of your credit rating.

When you need the loan products we advise you to make your payment loans and credit cards on a regular basis in order to benefit from it seamlessly.