The world’s highest interest rates of countries

The world’s highest interest rates of countries

– South Korea
– Polish
– Romania
– Mexico
– South Africa

The Central Bank did not change interest rates. Increased interest in the decisions taken in February and became one of the countries that apply the world’s highest interest rates. We rank the highest rate of job MATCH rankings which countries.

South Korea
List of first attracted attention with the emerging economies in recent years, creating a global giant brands like Samsung’re starting with South Korea. Monthly interest rate applied by the Central Bank of 2.5% in South Korea.

PolishInterest rates in Europe generally low. One of the highest rates in the country implementing Poland with 2.5%.

RomaniaOther countries apply a higher interest rate compared to other countries in the European Union from Eastern European countries, Romania anyway. Here, 3.5% interest per month applied by the Central Bank.

MexicoAnother country that applies the same rate as the South American countries from Mexico to Romania. The Bank of Mexico is implementing the 3.5% interest rate.

South AfricaSouth Africa is Africa’s most developed countries, considered one of the countries applying high interest rate. There are monthly interest rate of 5.5% in this country.

ChineseUnlike super giants of the world economy of China is expected to have a high interest rate. 6% interest rate is applied.

Another country that applies the highest interest rates in Europe, Iceland from North European countries. Here’s a 6% interest rate.

Brazil had the first row of the list of countries applying the world’s highest interest rates. Brazilian Central Bank’s monthly interest rate of 11%.

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