Flexible Mortgage

You can identify your payment by money in your pocket “flexible” credit!
First take your house, if you want to transfer your investment or loan you get home, you can evaluate the benefits of Flexible Mortgage product.

With Flexible Mortgage

• Payment plan you prepare special.
• You determine the monthly installment payments due to changes in your income.
• the interim payments by installment amount in your pre-set period of increasing your income and reduce your total interest payments.
• Do not pay compensation for the early payment of interim payment, which initially determined.

What you should know about Flexible Mortgage

• costs related to your credit appraisal fee is allocated to wages and real wages of the pledge, you initially pay what is known.
• You can add the allocation of costs and charges when using real credit to pledge the loan amount, you can pay in installments.
• Land transactions during Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Pool (TCIP), you need to make.
• If you turn off your loan early or do not pay dialed, received early payment of compensation up to 2% of the payment amount.
• To be able to use credit, you must be over 18 years old.
• surety requirement in the loan application is not required, but if necessary guarantor, guarantees or document can be requested.
• lending rate, maximum term, maximum loan amount may vary depending on the product. You can view the product details.