Housing loan using estimate mortgage payment the home buying process is as complex as it is a laborious process FINANCIAL bureaucratic. Because the lending process in the recipient’s work as an actor and a third bank, except the seller, the seller like the buyer to transfer the land transactions would be more indirect. Purchase of the Bank’s business that adds to the more formalized sales process. Things are better suited to advance the law and procedures, but brings with it many complex tasks besides. In this article, “examination was made for housing loans, gave final approval to bank loans, what should I do now?” I will try to enlighten those who say.

Consumers certain mortgage loan approval, the land registry office to get an appointment with the bank. Most banks sends an officer or attorney of the land registry office together with the consumer. However, prior to the bank’s lawyers another mortgage mlcalculator.com on the house from the relevant land registry office / checks whether the pledge registration. If it calls the bank branch bank to sign the mortgage or consumer contracts. Contracts signed.

An important detail about the mortgage, the consumer is that some banks charge mortgage. In fact, the scope of residential housing purchased mortgage loans are exempt from fees. But banks not to charge the fees given the state of the mortgage, the land registry office of their members in their questioning and prepared mortgage / followed by the file they receive for costs arising from bureaucratic.


After signing the contract they will go to the land registry office. Consumers can give power of attorney to someone else instead of going into real estate or land registry office in person, things can be done to replace him. Go to the land registry office the following documents:

Deed of sale of immovable property to be realized
Sellers and buyers of photo identity cards (passport or identity lawyers transaction processing can be done but it is done with driver’s license.)
One of the sellers, buyers of two pieces passport photos taken within the last six months
If titleholders processing does not come in person, the document relating to the representation (power of attorney, guardian decision, trustee decision and so on.) The proxy representative or photo identity card and a passport-sized photo of the person
Yet there is also absent himself from the buyer, photo identity cards of people who represent them, passport photos, and documents relating to the representation
Sales of real estate which will be taken from the municipality concerning the property declared value (fair value) indicating document
Condominium properties in established TCIP policy
The cost of the purchase and sale occurred in the land registry office is declared. This fee is paid separately for buyers and sellers over 2% deed tax. Click here to learn the dangers of the land show low value of the house you receive.

Mlcalculator.com – Mortgage calculator After documentation fees collected are paid, accompanied by bank guarantee in the relevant land administration lawyer mortgage) is committed to the land register. Upon receipt of the new land banks to buy housing in the name of the person to open an account, pay the loans. The most reliable way to make the down payment of the payment taken blocked. Land Registry offices is risky to carry cash around certainly not advisable to take cash with you. You will buy your house bulundurup people money account is blocked on behalf of the shoot-section, delivered in front of the officer pulled the seller during the title transfer deed. This voucher can be redeemed to go after the dealer bank.


Housing title registration in the other bank’s housing loans originated mortgages is concerned, it relates to housing loans in the Bank contract and will be held by the bank together with the other documents in question must be delivered to the branch of the type that will mortgage has been removed. According to the documents in the land mortgage transactions performed.

Housing in the land register, in case of any companies or 3rd parties outside the bank mortgage, the seller before agreeing at stake in the firm or the mortgage on the house party taken up. Bank on behalf of the seller up to the amount of credit checks by blocking a part of the existing mortgage fekr that (removal) and level 1 bank in favor of the mortgage after the property is delivered to the seller by branch personnel pulled blocked. Dealers said that the cost of housing blocks with checks shall collect the loan amount.

Put the bank’s residential mortgage is removed completely after switching off consumer debt. Many banks also charge estimate mortgage payment mortgage fekr wish that for this process. These fees vary from bank to bank.

Standard process of mortgage and land transactions and most common situation can be summarized in this way. The appearance of the easement deed than that, home of old tax debts and so on. new bureaucratic procedures, unless special circumstances, such as can be added.

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