Consumer loans

Consumer loans

The bank loan is a kind of consumer loans offered to meet the cash needs of the consumer. According to the utilization purpose of education loans, also known as consumer credit, home improvement, home renovation, marriage, health, materials, consumer loans is called in different ways.

Mortgage loans of small amounts will not be asked for.
For the needs of the high amount (£ 30,000 and above) mortgage loans are used. Mortgage on a property owned bank consumer loans (home, workplace or land) receives and administers mortgage loans in cash in return.

Consumer Loan Types

Banks are making products people need loans to meet the needs and are marketed under different names. Consumption according to the needs on special occasions, holidays in all of these loans are offered to consumers under different names, the name is actually a kind of consumer loans. For example, special credit to the police at the police week, mothers day loan, Eid credit, spring is actually credit loans. Although generally vary according to bank loans for a maximum term of 60 months.

Education Credit: This is the kind of loans granted to meet the training needs.

Cash Loans: The loans granted to meet the cash needs of some sort.

Housing Development Loan: This is the kind of loans granted for house decoration for necessary renovations and maintenance and repair.

Marriage Loan: This is the kind of loans granted to meet the marriage and wedding-organization costs.
Health Credit: loans are granted for a variety of health-treatment costs.

Holiday Credit: Travel is the kind of consumer loans granted to holiday spending.

Business Development Credits: Self-employed different professional groups (doctors, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists, etc.) Are the type of loans granted to meet the needs.

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